Summer at Lake Arrowhead

Sitting in the heart of the magnificent San Bernardino forest and nestled by tall mountains, Lake Arrowhead is the largest alpine lake in the United States, attracting nearly 4 million visitors each year. Home to gorgeous pines, breathtaking cabins, amazing flora and fauna, the village by the lake is at once reminiscent of a Swiss hamlet. Offering a contrast to the bustling Pacific beaches of Southern California, Lake Arrowhead presents a picture of calm, private boats dotting its shiny expanse as fishermen sail its lucid waters late into the evening gathering trout and some really big bass. By a lucky chance, I was able to spend an entire week on Lake Arrowhead this summer making wonderful memories, boating, jet skiing and swimming in the bay. Most of all, I will always remember the wild flowers growing along the trails by the lake. Twinkling bright, the fairy lanterns, shooting stars, baby blue eyes, Indian pinks and fiesta flowers all cried out, “Happy!” How wonderful it would be meet those flowers again next summer, to be knocked out by their astonishing splendor, to let the riot take over my mind!


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