Reflections on visiting Mexico City


The City of Palaces is the oldest in the Americas, home to ancient pyramids, intriguing museums, glorious cathedrals as also to yesteryear artists extraordinaire, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Fascinating as it is, some of the city streets are named after famous poets from all over the world – Lord Byron, Tennyson, Edgar Allen Poe. A beautiful street lined with avocado and orchid trees is named Ruben Dario after the great Latin American poet. Walking along tall, old acacia trees as bikers on eco-friendly red bikes zoom past, I spot statues of Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln. High-end restaurants located inside old haciendas evoke images of an era gone by. A hundred years after the Mexican Revolution, the class divide continues to be painfully prevalent even as trinket sellers in the zocalo proudly wear T-shirts with pictures of Latin American leftist leaders, the most conspicuous of which is of course, the legendary Che Guevara. Interestingly, the Cuban Revolution had been planned by Castro and Guevara in Mexico City, adding yet another dimension to the place. Though Mexico’s capital has a character all of its own, parts of the city can be likened to Paris and Madrid and even Delhi because of the riveting blend of the old and the new that manifests itself in the historic monuments and the burgeoning corporate skyscrapers.


One thought on “Reflections on visiting Mexico City

  1. As the real embraces the abstract in “our” mural, I want to believe that all visions can come to life if I continue to believe in their promise and, in turn, in my own. And yes, I have decided that rather than shaking it off, I will let the sand settle into my shoes.

    ***Love these lines!!! So much depth in words. Oh my I can’t tell you how much I Adore you now!!! ☺️💕💕💕❤❤💕💕❤😚😚😚

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